Map of York 1852

Large scale map of York was surveyed between 1849 and 1851 by Captain Tucker R.E. for the Ordnance Map Office.

The original map is drawn at a scale of five feet to one statute mile (1:1056). It is highly detailed showing, for instance, the layout of the pews in each church.

The map was published in 21 separate sheets in September and October 1852. Each sheet was sold for 2 shillings.

This online version has been produced from a series of high resolution scans of the copies held in the York City Archives. The scans of the 15 central panels have been ‘stitched’ together and the resultant single image has been geo-referenced so that the map can be viewed on mobile devices whilst in use in the City centre.

This version of the 1852 map has been produced through a collaboration with City of York Council.

Current road layout overlay